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Looking for some help!

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I'm not a professional, but I have a little personal experience working with AC in my home.
I'm looking to replace an old "sub circuit breaker panel" (Federal Pacific) with a newer one because I cannot find breakers for the old one any longer.
This is my current setup.

The main panel where the lines come in is on the left (GE T738?)

Runs to a “Sub” panel on the right (Federal Pacific 108-16) (Dirty white wire from bottom of GE to left hand side of Federal Pacific)

I’m looking to replace the Federal Pacific panel on the right with a GE PowerMark Gold 150 AMP Breaker Panel

So, would i just be able to pull the main tube fuses from the main GE panel remove the old Federal Pacific panel and replace it with the new GE from home depot?
(I do realize this is a simplified version and not the correct terms for the parts)
I’ll try to get more specifics on the gauge of the wire connecting the two panels asap

Any help you can give me would be great!