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Looking to become an Apprentice in SK.

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I am reaching out to the forum here to gain some knowledge of the industry in SK. I would like to become an Electrician Apprentice in the province of SK, mainly the city of Regina. I have researched the option of going the pre employment route with an accredited college. If I understand correctly from the Saskatchewan Trades and Apprenticeship program I can try to gain employment first and then enter the apprenticeship program, skipping the pre employment phase. Is it difficult to be hired in the trade with no pre-employment course taken?

I am a male in my early 30's with what I consider more then basic electrical knowledge with residential electrical applications. I have performed many general DIY electrical repairs and installations to more complex jobs such as wiring an entire home, and several basement suite wiring projects. I have worked in construction jobs for a number of years, most recently working with a foundation repair company. Many times basic electrical jobs would have to be performed. Moving wires, removing wires from breaker panels, wiring light fixtures, plugs, etc. All in all I have a good understanding of general wiring applications, and electrical codes.

I would consider myself a handy person, and have very good basic knowledge over many constructions genres. I have a few rental properties and invested and worked on several flip houses, meanwhile performing much of the work myself. So I am well versed with construction skills, theories and know how to use many tools.
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Do a search of the site. These questions come up frequently.
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