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Los Angeles County electric company for sale

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After 30 yrs. the owner of Palos Verdes Electric Company will retire. The business is for sale, which includes company van and materials. Asking $40K ..outstanding reputation with thousands of satisfied residential customers in the Palos Verdes Peninsula, Rolling Hills and adjacent area, this should be a great opportunity to expand your company. Please PM me and I can give you more information including direct contact with the owner.
Thanks for reading. And have a great day!
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40k sounds cheap.

You can always offer more if you feel that is what the company is worth :thumbsup:

The thing about selling a contracting business is that it is only worth what someone else is willing to pay.....the owner may have already figured this out and has basically come up with a FMV for his tangible assets to ensure a quick sale for his exit strategy.
Exactly! Mater of fact... The price is at 35k now! PM and I'll hook ya up!

If there is a Wal-Mart close by...SOLD!!!

I'll find Romex Racer and we can start back-stabbing for fun and profit up and down the Pacific Coast line :thumbup:

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No back-stabbing! Pig tail / pre-twist always

Classic rookie mistake.
Quality mistake
Another faux pas :laughing:
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