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Mackie's intro...

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Sorry, I missed this intro forum when I signed up....

I'm mac, and I live and work near Wormtown (Worcester), MA.

Right now I am an electrical installer for a mobile AC power company. We take empty, plain white trucks and outfit them with AC generators, breaker boxes, air / manhole service modules, inverters, AC's, heaters, lights, receptacles, compressors, marker lights, beacons, remote spot lights, GPS systems, trailer breaking and lighting controls, shelving and storage systems, work benches, bla, bla, bla.

It's pretty fun. I need to be part electrician, part mechanic, and part carpenter (but certainly not a plumber!) at my job. The trucks are like little houses on wheels. We hook up the feeders from the generators to the breaker box, run conduit, pull wire, hook up outlets, and all the finish work that goes along with that. I have enjoyed the installation of AC wiring systems and now I am inspired to become an electrician. Here's some pix:


Right now I'm studying on my own (Park Publishing, Audel, NFPA 70), gearing up for electricity school, and keeping an eye open for a Journeyman or Master to apprentice under.

I have a dry sense of humor and foot-in-mouth disease - so forgive me if I post something that seems offensive; I'm sure I didn't mean it!


OK, I am also into WH40k / WFB, playing / recording music, my wife and my dog.


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Welcome to forum I hope you find what you need;)
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