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Nothing worse than being the monkey in the middle.I have had the pleasure to groom a few employers sons/relatives which makes it really interesting!

I have in the past, used the words ,"If you dont care about your job then neighter do I"

If Its your job to make the company more profitable,then you need the tools to do it...if the owners dont back you then its not going to work.

If the crews are used to reckless abandonThey just might not have the expertise to layout work for efficency,but know how to make it work eventually. I always tried to access my crews ability as soon as I can so I could put the right person on the task that makes use of their current skill levels for efficency,but also give tasks that help them to develop new skills when the pace levels off.Some people will try to push you into self destruction,if they feel threatened.... wouldn't you .When taking the reigns on a crew already estabished,I would break up the the non productive teams and try to put a highly efficent worker with one that needs guidence if feasible,then revaluate in short order,if the cancer is spreading then its time to surgically remove..... I like the old days when a good fist fight settled most On the job problems,then go for a beer....good luck
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