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licenced and willing
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My first post, so i figure i'd make it meaningful

ok, so a little history of me first, i'm 23 and live in western MA (springfield area). after community collage didn't pan out for me i finally decided to get into the trade and went to Porter & Chester Institute. the school was great, i had alot of fun, learned alot. PCI was expensive ($20k), but after one year i have all 600 classroom hours i need and 600 on the job hours toward my license. i started working full time right out of school (had the job before i graduated) and have been loving it for 2 months.

before commiting to PCI i did my research and found out that in MA the union does a 5 year apprenticeship with unpaid schooling on the weekends. i also asked around and was told best way to get a job (non union) was to have atleast 1/2 of the classroom hours done. OSHA 10 doesn't hurt either.

i can't say much for wages in your area (maybe a little higher) but out here i started at $15 an hour (i was top of my class). most of my class started in the $11-13 range, one girl went into the union at $13 i think but still has to go to thier school for 3 years. and one lucky guy went into a prevailing wage job ($18).

as for the school you mentioned its my understanding that if your being taught by master electricians the hours will count toward your licence.
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