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Medical Grade Facility/Healthcare Topics

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This thread is for the discussion of medical care facility, healthcare facilities, patient recovery rooms, dental offices and everything in-between that may be related.

Feel free to ask questions and answer if you can provide NEC references to your answers that would be helpful too.
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I've not gotten the 2014 code yet but the 2011 makes some interesting requirements for the double-redundancy grounded MC cable or as you may know it HCF MC cable.

The 2011 NEC makes it clear that the use of isolated grounded outlets are not viable for the safety of patients, medical staff and their equipment, and they are not permitted to be installed anymore for such uses.

That being said, has anybody heard of any new 2014 changes to the medical health care areas?
This is one change in the 2014.

517.16 Use of Isolated Ground Receptacles. An isolated ground receptacle shall not be installed within a patient care vicinity. [99:]
Thanks Harry, that is in the 2011 code too.
What do you think of running EMT with a secondary ground in lieu of HFC MC cable?
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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