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Meter keeps burning out. Company wants us to pay for new wiring.

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Hello, sorry to not be a pro...but I got a call from my electric company saying that they have replaced our meter 4 times and that they getting broken by our home wiring.

They say the trouble is inside the house with our old box..this is an old house, but we've not had any problems with the power being out or anything.

Their main problem is that they say its not reading our usage correctly :thumbsup: and that we need to get an electrician out here to replace our wiring and box in the house.

Is this bull or is there something to this? We have been doing whatever we can to save energy this winter and maybe our lower bills have them thinking their equipment is broke...they never really answered that question.

I would think if our meter broke 4 times we would have noticed something.

Thank you!! and again sorry for posting on this site.