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Was working at the fish plant today (actually they have 3 separate facilities on the Newport bayfront) when the maintenance guy called me.

"Eric, can you come by the Main plant? I need your help with something."

So I went down there.

"We are removing this old ammonia compressor. I need you to decommission and disconnect all the power and control wiring to it."

Okay, piece of cake. The compressor is a skid mount unit that has its own control panel and everything pre-mounted on it. The only field wiring required is for a few solenoids and E-stop buttons. We shut off & locked out the main power circuit, and located and shut off a couple of control circuits that ran through the control panel. Then we just started yanking circuits out and disconnecting conduits so they could remove the machine. Took maybe an hour or so start to finish with my apprentice and I.

When we finished there was a pile of old crappy wire on the floor, all the circuits were disconnected, safe, and completely removed. Several conduits were demoed back to their origin. Then the maintenance guy came back in.

"So when this thing comes back in a few weeks from getting refurbished you'll remember what goes where right?"


Guy didn't tell me it was getting REINSTALLED in a few weeks :laughing: I told him as much, and he said, "Really? Oh man, I'm sorry. My mind must have been somewhere else."

Fortunately there is a reasonably reliable wiring schematic for this machine, plus there is an identical unit right next to it. Shouldn't be hard to redo the circuitry, but now we'll have to run new conduit and stuff too. If I had known it was coming back, I would have left everything locked & tagged and just flipped the conduits and stuff out of the way. Oh well, work is work.
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