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Mixed Voltages

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We are currently remodling a commercial building that has both 277/480 and 120/208 voltages which is common. Although I am use to installing the two voltages in different boxes and raceways never mix the two.

Although this building is old and looks to be remodled alot there is quite a bit of jboxes and conduits sharing the two voltages. What if any could be a trouble I could be facing down the line.

I need to install a lighting contactor that wasnt in the plan just added yesterday and it has a 120v coil w/277-480 contacts.

Here's the real question can I get away with pulling a 120v three way- fourway- threeway through the existing pipe which has 277v to operate the coil?
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Whats wrong with this pic


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Two issues off hand.

1. Wrong voltage to equipment, damages equipment.
2. Crossed neutrals resulting in ground current/EMF issues.

Then there is safety are the different systems identified by different colors, including the neutrals.
no this job is a spaghetti bowl. reds,whites,blacks,oranges ect.

I had to go thru to each Jbox and identify voltages in each, color coding was not used in the old installation all new installations are now seperated.

i need to install a lighting contactor with a 120v coil, should I pipe a new run for the 120v coil 3way system.
The grids up and I need an fast and efficient way to switch this system. Ceiling Inspection is Monday afternoon.
thanks for all your suggestions
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