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Montgomery AL

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I have a small box store to wire in this town in the next few weeks. Was wondering what cycle code they are on. I know they are tough maybe as tough as I have ever seen. My temp service failed 3 time by 3 different inspectors. Im really excited, Ive been in these one horse towns where the inspectors are asking me questions about the install. Now I believe Ill have someone whos knows what there looking at.

I have also been doing what I call "value engineering". Not derateing wire that carry less than a few amps. Sharing neutrals and only using breaker ties not a 2 pole breaker.

All the failed inspections were petty but correct. I used 2 ft of romex for the GFI on the pole in 6" pvc Failed #1

The GC office trailer with 1 light and one recept had the grounding and grounded conductors bonding in the little 4 ckt panel. failed #2

Didnt put the arch fault current on the panel Failed #3

any advice would be greatly appreciated...

I am a state licensed Jman in MS. I think thats one strike:censored: