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I have a small box store to wire in this town in the next few weeks. Was wondering what cycle code they are on. I know they are tough maybe as tough as I have ever seen. My temp service failed 3 time by 3 different inspectors. Im really excited, Ive been in these one horse towns where the inspectors are asking me questions about the install. Now I believe Ill have someone whos knows what there looking at.

I have also been doing what I call "value engineering". Not derateing wire that carry less than a few amps. Sharing neutrals and only using breaker ties not a 2 pole breaker.

All the failed inspections were petty but correct. I used 2 ft of romex for the GFI on the pole in 6" pvc Failed #1

The GC office trailer with 1 light and one recept had the grounding and grounded conductors bonding in the little 4 ckt panel. failed #2

Didnt put the arch fault current on the panel Failed #3

any advice would be greatly appreciated...

I am a state licensed Jman in MS. I think thats one strike:censored:

NEC Edition
Effective October 1, 2012. for the first time, the State of Alabama has a statewide Code standard. The Alabama Energy and Residential Codes Board voted to adopt the 2009 International Residential Code (IRC) for new-home construction and the 2009 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) for commercial construction. The State will allow county and local governments to amend specific provisions within the code where local conditions may warrant. Note that a few municipalities have already moved forward and adopted the 2012 International Residential Code and the 2011 National Electrical Code.
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