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Got tipped off by a fridgey that looked at an A/C installation,said electrical problem he said.Came back to check everything was ok,said electrical inspector said the electrician should have got the work checked first,instead of just going ahead.The inspector from Energy Australia was unhappy about:
1,No earth stake,didn't need one,cable bonded to water pipe with 16mm cable,Water meter bypassed,pipe encased in rebar concrete for 300m.
2,Replaced faulty Polaris Taps at POA with split bolts wrapped in fibreweed,sorry,glass tape.
3,Consumer's equipment,Ripple detectors,differential contactors for a/c,encroaching on POCO's part of switchboard,true,but WTF,a new panel for this sxxt.
4,Undersized cable used for a/c,no noodle pulled,didn't need one,multitap control transformer,LRA 80a per phase,well within the capability of a 10mm cable,RA 16a per phase.
5,Oversized breaker,40a,sticker on the unit said,Carrier Corp,Newark New Jersey,use 40a breaker,sqd,email westinhouse,blah,blah.
Problem was caused by high impedance connection at POA,causing unit to single phase,then diff contactor would lock open,tap would cool down,cycle would start again.
6,told the inspector OCPD allowed at the panel or the unit,couldn't get his head around,40a breaker,16a load.
7,Was working on my old car,daughter met the inspector,told her,women belong in the kitchen,and ladies should not carry guns,will let you know how we got on in 2 weeks,going away to shoot wild pigs.

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mm mm mmm mm mm mm mm Boora you got a stuttering problem?

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OMG they were right............

40+ years ago my teachers in school said to learn the metric system, it will take over soon they said.

well 40+ years later I get it now. finally.

& i think those cheap sockets I bought at the pawn shop that I later found out are broken cuz they don't fit anything & they say 13mm & 8mm [& what not] are yours?

PM me your snail mail addy & I'll send them back to you
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