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Name for this fitting?

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What do you call this general fitting? The one on the left is marked T&B, and it's a bushing of sort that will screw onto an NM or BX connector. The one on the right is not branded, but is a totally crimped/molded connector along the same theme. It was used in the past to change from NM or BX to K&T. I've always called them a "monkey face connector", but my inspector (an old man, in his 80's) calls them an "End-O fitting". He claims it was an old brand name, but I can't find that on the net.

What do you call these?

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The technical name was DIIF. Durn If I Know. I have never seen those, that I can remember.
I don't know the name but I've seen my share of 'em.

The sheathing would clamp in the saddle end and the conductors would pass through the porcelain insulator with the small holes.
Sort of like a weather head for BX.
Just ran across this in a surplus catalog. They call it a "Caplet". Stands to reason, because they also have a full-line of K&T supplies:

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The Old Guy that worked for years ago called them "Pecker Heads". I still see them being used for a transition from BX to K&T in old houses.

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I never knew the slang for them ,but have seen them used as a BX to knob N tube transition also.
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