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An apartment complex I have been working for has been purchased by a new owner. They have 800 sub-panels to replace and 30 meter banks to rebuild. The new owner ask me to be the Master Electrician on the job while his Electrical crew comes in and does the work. My job is to pull permits, inspect work and call for inspections. How do you charge for something like that?
My first question to you would be is, do you have the manpower to change 800 sub-panels and the 30 meter banks?

If so, quote him a price.

Second thing is, this would not be legal to do in Florida. The crew would need to be your employees.

With that said, if you wanted, you could hire his people, tack on a percentage of the payroll and work out something with the material and negotiate a price for your services as supervision.

If your guys do the work, you might make $200 per panel and $3000 per metercenter.
Maybe net $150-$250k
Or you can supervise and see if you can work out $100-$150k.

Close call but, dont just pull a permit and let them run with it.
If you dont get the work, you know some else took his offer.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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