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NETA testing company is looking to fill several positions for electrical testing technicians at its Phoenix office.

Very competitive compensation, including 40 hours per week of guaranteed paid, plus flex time, overtime (paid after 8 hours in one day, not 40 in a week), double time, and double time and a half on holidays; paid sick days, vacation days and holidays. Excellent benefit package including 401k pension with employer matching, heavily subsidized health insurance, generous health reimbursement account, and free life and disability insurance.

The duties and responsibilities include:
- Perform testing and troubleshooting of electrical apparatus and electrical systems.
- Test circuit breakers, generators, motors, relays and other switchgear
- Install, remove and analyze data from load monitors
- Write technical reports from the datasheets of the above testing

All experienced testing technicians will be considered. NETA Level III and IV preferred.

Starting Pay is $20 - $35 per hour depending on experience. Pay will be increased commensurate with performance.

To learn more about us go to www.SouthwestEnergySystems.com.

Please contact Yolanda at Human Resources at 602-438-7500 or [email protected].
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