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I have two questions. I recently looked at a generator panel install that I am pretty sure was not done correctly.

They brought the ungrounded circuit conductors to a new sub panel but left the neutrals (grounded conductors) in the original panel and just ran one larger conductor to the neutral bus of the sub panel. - I am pretty sure this is not allowable but I am not sure where the code reference is regarding the branch circuit conductors and neutrals being landed in the same panel. (I hope what I am asking here is clear. I am looking for a code reference.)

Also, the sub panel, (which is located right next to the main panel), is a main lug panel with more then 6 breakers in it. My question here is whether this is acceptable. The main lug panel can be disconnected by throwing the circuit breaker in the main panel or by disconnecting the generator, when powered by the generator. However, I am wondering if this really needs to have a main circuit breaker, or a single breaker that powers the panel.

Thanks in advance.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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