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New Contractor status, longtime subscriber to this great forum

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Im Chris Bridges, owner and proprietor of S&B Electrical and Construction Services. I have 12 years electrical experience working for a couple of the biggins in the service industry in the DFW metroplex. I have done everything under the sun it seems like and I like to think Im pretty well-versed at all of it. If I haven't done it before, I know someone who has, and I am well-adept at using reference materials and the internet to hunt down the answers I occasionally seek. This forum has helped me over the years and there are some highly knowledgeable people on here, once you filter out the trolls (haha j/k), and I have leaned on advice found here for a solution more than once. I am experienced in a wide variety of commercial and industrial electrical systems, and also put in time at several top-rated medical facilities and sports&recreation facilities/stadiums all around DFW. I have wired and serviced and maintained critical data centers, day cares, houses of every type, offices galore, lease spaces and shell buildings, warehouses a plenty, panels and branch circuits of all kinds, bus duct of various types and ratings, switch gear of all brand/rating/type and age, fire pumps, motor control centers, automated conveyor systems and industrial processes, PLC systems of various types, motors from 1/2hp to 1,000hp, generators, quadruple redundant systems, services, gates, lighting of all types, signs including neon and led, historical buildings, schools, LED video boards, million-dollar condos, parking lot lighting, restaurants, grocery stores, retail stores, malls, churches, theaters, etc etc etc
I specialize in the NEC requirements and AHJ relations, knowing what to do and how and when in complicated scenarios, and also have found many creative solutions and learned from many smart men over the years. Please contact me any time, and.... Im never above criticism and have never, nor ever will be, perfect -so please be open to all solutions and suggestions also.
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This is a great place to learn, so start by browsing some of the areas that interest you to start your learning path. When you ask a question please give as much information as you can, and you will get a more professional response. When you ask a question without details we are not mind readers and people will let you know. It is part of the trade to be tough skinned but it is one of the most tight nit trades there is. Also if you post a question please come back and give us the outcome, allot of original posters never tell us the outcome.
Good luck
P.S. Harry/Blackdog says Welcome.
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