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So I needed to buy (20 amp) GFCI's for the first time in a long time.

I got a bulk pack from Menards. The packaging does not have a brand name, according to the Menards website they are Pass & Seymore.

Apparently all GFCIs are tamper resistant now, and they have a "trip indicator" light.

I installed one, and when power was applied, the trip indicator was already lit. Test, reset, everything functions as it should, except the trip indicator does not turn off under any circumstances unless I cut the breaker. Assuming I had a defective GFCI, I removed it and tried another one. Same thing.

According to the packaging, the trip indicator should only be lit when it has tripped. Failure of the light to engage when tripped means the GFCI should be replaced.

Anyone else had this experience? Are these things crap?
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I'll give you a serious answer anyways!

Supply house closes at 4.30, I was working until 8pm and had an extra window of time I wasnt counting on. Decided to install a recessed can and two GFCIs.

I hate to admit it, but Menards is cheaper than my supply house for a lot of things. Typically the supply house is cheaper for stuff that's primarily used in commercial. Menards actually sells all their copper wire at a loss to remain competitive.

Plus they've had 11-14% store wide rebate sales lately . . . that's very, very hard to pass up. John Menard, you bastard.

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Based on that fact, if we had a Menards, and if you could get in and out without facing the famous Honolulu traffic jam at H1, H2 and Viaduct convergence , then I would be better know as the Menards Slut...........:whistling2:
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