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Well i'm 25 years old from the GTA, I'm looking to start an apprenticeship through the local 353. Through much research I am seeing that I must wait for the JAC to start accepting applications. This lead me to believe that I should really start trying to bolster my opportunities at being accepted. Right now I work in Fitness management, and have been in fitness for the last 6 years doing management, sales, training etc, taking private courses for bio-mechanics etc.

After seeing that ICI requires grade 12 math/physics I have already looked into and will be starting the math in april and will be done in june. This is not entirely new to me as my 2 uncles are electricians but working in a non-unionized industrial/maintenance position, and my father is a master carpenter and used to build custom homes when we lived in the UK until I was 10. I have grown up working with him my whole life learning proper material/tool handling, safety etc, as well as working for 5 years in commercial maintenance under his supervision. This is something I really want to do as quite frankly the future is electricity and I want to be part of it. I crave to work with my hands but also love a mental challenge. I am hoping that registering here not only will I get sound guidance to make my dream a reality but after that continue to contribute in the same way that was to me. I eagerly await what others have to say. The one thing I liked about electrical work is my uncle told me "it's like learning a language, after 5 years you can speak fluently, but you certainly haven't mastered it"....


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