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I'm still at my current job as an employee and I just got my Masters.

I've been talking to a construction company about becoming their designated Master Electrician and working for them as an employee. I'd be running the jobs and help quote them, watch over multiple jobs and guys. They gave a ruff idea and threw some numbers around. An hourly rate of $35 + 25% of profit of the electrical. I told him I'd think about things and come back with a response about if I like these number or if I want more, make them pay for insurance and licensing, truck and gas. Has anyone been in this scenario before?
I would just take a 2k a week salary and not try to work out the % of the profit. That is very subjective.
If margins are low, it will suck, if margins are high, they will get tired of writing those checks.
If you are opening a division and supervising it then maybe it would be better to be a sub:thumbsup:
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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