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Hello everyone. Just joining this forum as I work on a transition from commercial electrical (mostly fire alarm) work to my own small personal company over a period of time. I've been full time in the field in one facet or another since 2007. I've been in the field, estimation, project management and engineering type roles. I've been involved in projects to scales of around 3-3.5m as a site super. I have also done about a year or two of work as a manufacturing maintenance electrician while assisting in managing the running of a test lab for an architectural manufacturing company. Here looking to re-connect to a more applicable world than the commercial large scale low voltage world I'm transitioning out of.

I am licensed as a master/unlimited in (home state of PA doesn't have a license beyond the contractor license for electricians) MD, VA, DC, WV, NC, FL, AZ, and have alarm or signaling licenses in SC, CO and TX. I am also a NICET IV in Fire Alarm systems and LEED AP O+M.

Looking forward to engaging with everything going on here.

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Welcome to ET !

Lots of knowledgeable members here, and careful, a few of them bite !

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Welcome to the forums.
Have fun.
Be safe.

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Even with all your certifications and experience, you'll learn stuff here. There's a wide variety of knowledge here and of course, you're more than welcome to contribute as well.

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Welcome aboard.

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