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New Orleans Journeyman Exam

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Hi --

I'm thinking of moving to New Orleans from Arizona. The licensing rules seem to be different and I'm hoping that someone here can help me out.

I would like to take the journeyman's test for New Orleans. I've been told that they accept either the ICC exam or the state exam. (I've heard that they are both the same--just one is given by ICC at their test center and the other is given by the state at their test center.)

Is this correct? In other words, is it true that all I would have to do to become a licensed journeyman is sign-up online for the ICC test and then go to Louisiana to take the test on my test date?

I have read on the LSLBC web site that there is no experience requirement to take this test, unlike the 4000-hour requirement in other states. Is this correct? (Before anyone jumps me on this: Yes, I believe experience is at least if not more important than book-learning. I just like a challenge and want to see where I stand. Plus, I need something to make me stand out from all the other job applicants in Arizona. So, jump me for that if you want.)

Assuming I register for the ICC test online, take the test in Louisiana and pass, how do I get from there to having the license or card? I've been told that all journeyman in NOLA are required to pass this test to work in the city. Is this correct? Is it like nursing where before they hire you they ask to see your license and photocopy it for their records? If so, what government agency issues the license? I assume that I can find the requirements from there.

Thanks. I know I asked a lot of questions. BTW, I'm planning to use Mike Holt's NEC Exam Prep Textbook--I've heard good things about it.

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Sorry about the previous post, what i meant to say was

I Checked a while back for the reciprocate states and this is what I have found

Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi, North Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah

Arizona is not listed; however, It has been about a year or so sence I have looked.

Hope this helps.
sorry about the previous reply what i meant to say is

I checked that state for reciprocate states about a year ago and i have found these states...

Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi, North Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah

Arizona is not listed; however, it has been a year since i looked.
I may be of some help.

I currently live in the New Orleans metro area and have passed all 3 (journeyman, maintenance and master) electrical license exams given by ICC. A passing grade is only one part of the requirements for a license. You'll also need a copy of your H.S. Diploma and 5 years verifiable experience along with personal ID. Being that you are moving in from out of state, it may be different for you, I don't know how that works. If you are currently licensed from Arizona, you may not have to test for city. I can give you the phone number and name of the person who handles all the licensing duties at City Hall. PM me if you're interested.

A fee of $25 and with the required documents along with a letter from a contractor or from union hall (if a member) stating that you're working in the electrical field and you can get an EE license (helper's license, good for 5 years and allows you to work in city ). I've done this myself in order to be able to work while in the process of obtaining my journeyman's D License.

There are 4 licenses with the city of N.O.

EE- helper's license. No exp. required
D- journeyman's license. 5 yrs exp.
C-maintenance license. Hospitals, Universities and other lg.facility requirements.
A-master's/contractor license.

Louisiana has 1 license and is good for entire state. Applications are filled out in part by a reg. CPA and be notorized along with verifiable work exp. IMO, I don't care much for the state test for 2 reasons. 1) The test is based on the 1993 NEC book (15yrs old) and 2) There are classes that give the answers to the questions (word for word) to study (memorize) and to me, that's cheating.

I have used Mike Holt's exam prep workbook to help prepare me for my master's test and maintenance test and have passed both with the confidence of being well prepared. The key is to practice, practice, practice.

From my own experience, If you can pass the practice tests given by Mike Holt, you can definitely pass an ICC test. (Mike Holt's tests are more difficult IMO).

Hope this helps! If you do move to New Orleans, we welcome you and would be glad to have you to be a part of our city.
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I currently live in the New Orleans metro area and have passed all 3 (journeyman, maintenance and master) electrical license exams given by ICC. [snip]
Awesome answer, idoelectric! Thanks! All the info I was looking for--PM sent.

I took/passed the ICC test, but I'm unsure about the next step to get licensed to work in the city. Do I have to have a state contractor's license? Do you know about the required insurance? I can't find anything on the city's site other than 50 different ways to pay them money. Any information would be much appreciated. I'm local. My 5 years experience have been working full time for a master electrician who is an out-of-state contractor. So hes not being much help. He was saying that they might not take the ICC certification for my license. ???
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