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New Service- Branch Circuits To Code?

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Im asking this question for my uncle, I didn't have an answer for him.....

Hes got a 60 year old house. He wants to get a new meter can and 100A service. All the estimates he has been getting they are trying to sell him a complete rewire telling him that if they touch it, branch circuits need to come up to code.

Are these guys trying to sell him a rewire too or does he have to bring everything up to code?

Where is the line drawn in the sand to what is grandfathered (NEC doesn't mention that right?) and what is not? Or is this up to the ahj?
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Newmarket will have you upgrade/add smoke detectors with a permit. Confusing the requirement for receptacle replacement requirement for AFCI protection as of January? What does panel replacement or location have to do with anything? Which one of the guys did this come from?
I don't see him, but I see John or Dean from time to time, have to ask them about that. At least they'll talk about it or provide a reference.
Doing over a six family for the insurance reasons. Waiting on a building permit. All knob and tube gone or be cancelled. Good for us. This place hasn't had a whole lot done since the fifties. Still has a bunch of gas stoves that double as the furnace.
Haven't been to BF in a few years. Customer has housing units there. The old converted armory building.
I think your uncle just needs to speak with the local inspector and ask the question. Maybe they have to do work beyond the panel itself. We can only offer advice based upon what we have experienced in our area. Heck, a service upgrade by itself is different from area to area. I do a lot of SEU, others pipe, some rigid steel, others PVC. Mine, the utility provides the meter sockets for residential and will do most of the riser for me.

Why does your uncle want to replace the service? Is it in bad shape? Insurance pushing it? Is he looking to sell or maybe renovate? I like to discuss these things with customers first. Answers to these and budget drive what I sell them. Maybe they do have to touch the branch circuits to the panel. I know we typically don't. Make a call for him if you have to.
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A lot of towns have websites that may state certain zoning/building "items" they may require. I will go with it if its on paper, website, etc. If not and its, "thats how I want it", it depends upon how big of an issue. I'd have to actually go down and speak to people to see. Who knows, may be more reasonable than expected. May be exceptions, who knows. On the surface, it seems that some people need to lose their jobs and some sense put back into the rules.
If its on paper, like he says, its tough to get around. Sometimes you end up in front of the zoning board. Depends on what you are trying to accomplish.

OK, what town and lets look at the website and see.
That's why I want to see what's on the website. May not be anything. Needs to be on paper, ordinances, you know what I mean. If not maybe bring a lawyer into it. Need to know more. I have a good relationship with my town inspector. I can walk into his office anytime or call. Other places too.
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