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Basically, I am wondering what anyone/everyone did to overcome challenges as the new, inexperienced technician when they first started in the industry.

My background is that I started in a factory at the bottom, busted my butt to move up to an operator because I was bored of the mind-numbing repetition. Eventually, I had the interest in maintenance, made it known and worked hard to get into the position(which I hold today). But after getting the position with absolutely no experience, education or relevant training, I had a lot of people upset that I got the position. I worked and worked and tried to learn as much as I possibly could and tried to listen(even though they thought I didn't because I asked questions that challenged their theory). I've only been in maintenance now for 3 years and I am only 24, which, I think some guys I work with do not like, but I do everything I can to learn and to try to understand the machines and theory of WHY things perform the way they do, and I still continuously get picked on, degraded and doubted by the other shifts. The guys I work with everyday(on my shift)are extremely supportive and reassuring that I am good at what I do and not to change the way I am at all. On the other hand, the other shifts seem to push me in the other direction because I do not think they understand my passion for the career or they do not care about it anymore themselves.
I am reaching out to see where you all came from and to know what hardships you've overcome and how you did so. Any suggestions that you could give me to help me understand why these people can't just be mentors and teach someone who is more than willing to just learn and be the best they can at their job would be great!

Sorry for the long thread but wanted some input on my current situation and maybe have people reflect on their past and remember what it was like when they first started in the field. Did you know everything within 3 years of starting? I think many people tend to forget that. But if you did know everything please teach me! haha

Thank you for your time and opinions.

All is welcome.
Are you an electrician or a maintenence man? If you are a maintenence man you should pm ponyboy he knows a lot about being a maintenence man.
I assume your coworkers are teaching you as if you were an apprentice?
You should go seek formal schooling it will make you more valuable and more safe. Take the Nfpa 72 class as well. Your work will most likely pay for your school.
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