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New wire ampacities

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With the introduction of the new Ontario code book I have noticed ampacity changes for Tables 1-4. Now NMD 90 has a 90c rating so does that now mean 8/3 NMD90 can be put on a 55amp breaker according to Table 2. There have beensome rather heated discussions amongst some of my collegues.
The standard feed to a 50amp hot tub used to be 6/3 but it now appears that 8/3 would be usable. Am i missing something or is what they are talking about correct. I still feel more comfortable with 6/3 but there is a definate cost saving using 8/3.:001_huh:
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CEC rule 4-006 (2)
Where equipment is not marked with maximum conductor termination temperature, 90 degrees C shall be used by default.
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