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Nexus wireless monitor

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Just curious if the Nexus wireless monitor 5928 is compatible with the new 20kw Evo Generac units. The reason I ask is because the older generators had the square knockouts on the back for the wireless unit and the Evo's don't, anybody install these monitors on the newer units ?
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I had three undervoltage faults too. Two out of warranty, one in. Took the reading 4/0 and cleaned it. Back to normal. I know about the worksheet, takes forever. I submitted it as is. Hopefully they will accept it. Will experiment with the email. The exercise is one thing, faults are another.

All the under voltage alarms I got were the generator failing to start because no cold weather kit was installed.

When I checked the run log, the generator stalled out several times before the undervoltage alarm. That's not a 0/4 issue, it's an engine problem.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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