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NMD in 3 story residential building

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I have a building to wire that is 3 stories. The original building (combustible) takes up the first 2 floors and half way back where add ons were constructed (non-combustible) for the back portion and the upper 3rd floor. the first floor is commercial space, and the top 2 floors are residential units. The residential units have been fire seperated from the common areas and the commercial space. is in ok to use NMD for these residential spaces and if so where in the Ontario or Canadian building code does it say its ok. All I found in Part 9 stating that except dwelling units nmd has to be used in combustible construction.

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well then whats the exception for dwelling units? Wiring and Cables
(1) Except for dwelling units and except as required in Sentence (2), optical fibre cables and electrical wires and cables installed in buildings permitted to be of combustible construction shall,
(a) not convey flame or continue to burn for more than 1 min when tested in conformance with the Vertical Flame Test in Clause 4.11.1. of CSA C22.2 No. 0.3, “Test Methods for Electrical Wires and Cables”, (FT1 rating), or
(b) be located in,
(i) totally enclosed noncombustible raceways,
(ii) masonry walls,
(iii) concrete slabs, or
(iv) totally enclosed non metallic raceways conforming to Clause
(2) Where a concealed space in a floor or ceiling assembly is used as a plenum, electrical wires and cables within the plenum shall conform to Sentence
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Well I already ran nmd in the dwelling units and the inspector doesn't know if it's ok and needs me to find out. So in trying to figure out if it's passable by code.
Ya he wants to get the architect to do it. And the architect says it's up to the electrician. Lol so it's just coming full circle. He told me that table 19 says use of nmd in construction types but that's bull****.
Tell me about it. I also did a load calc for the building and it came out to 165a. He is telling me there is a 80% rule on service calculations and we have to pay hydro 15,000 to upgrade.
The building is 200a and he said you "probably" have to upgrade to 400a. Probably? His probably is costing me 15,000$
Ya that's what I'm working on. I mean we got all gas ranges and dryers
Haha. Honestly. Throw a solar panel up. I was just wondering your guys input on the nmd in a dwelling unit. Seems like a grey area
The apartments and store front are all fire separated as per code. So they would fall under multiple occupancy.
Awesome. Hey thanks a bunch guys!
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