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No Water Meter

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I went to give an estimate today for a service upgrade. The guys water meter is out by the street, and the section where the pipe comes into the house is behind drywall. Even though there is no water meter in the house, do I still have to ground the water line within 5' of entering the house?
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Why wouldn't you? (assuming the incoming water line is metal)
I just thought it had to be within 5 feet with a jumper in case the water meter was removed.
It helps to relate it to a similar situation....

What would you have to do if you had well water? No meter right? You still have to use the incoming water as an electrode. Then you would have to jumper the tank.

Using the incoming water as an electrode isn't dependent on a meter. It's dependent on if the incoming water is in metal for 10'.
You still bond if its metal. You might have to open up drywall here. However, where is the shutoff valve for the incoming water, it should be accessible and within close distance to the incoming line.
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