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North Carolina failed inspection with Goal Zero portable generator & solar panel

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I have a Shed in North Carolina that failed electrical rough-in inspection. I have a Goal Zero 1500x (1516Wh) portable lithium-ion battery generator with multiple Goal Zero Boulder 200 (200 Watts) Solar Panels. The shed is off the grid and is only getting power from the Goal Zero battery and solar panels. I had an electrician rough in the work. The portable battery generator is located inside and solar panels are portable and not mounted to the shed. The inspector has never seen a battery generator with solar panel providing the only power to the shed. Below is the reason why he failed me, and I am looking for ideas or documentation to help pass inspection in North Carolina.

Electrical Inspection Failure notice:
The equipment to be used must be listed by a recognized testing lab with State of NC.
Customer stated he is not getting power from the home but will be getting from solar panels with a storage battery. The solar panel install will need to meet the NEC.
Will need paperwork on the solar panel system.

Goal Zero Yeti 1500X Portable Power Station
Yeti 1500X Portable Power Station | Goal Zero

Two Goal Zero Boulder 200 Solar Panel Briefcase
Boulder 200 Solar Panel Portable Briefcase | Goal Zero

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