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Oil field flare stack and electrical equipment.

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I have done some reasearch via API/NEC and have been unsuccessful in locating any distances electrical equipment need to be located away from a flare. Any advice?
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have the engineer on record determine:

- if there is a classified area and what designation it should be/distances/limits
- if the corrosive gasses will require specific equipment upgrades
- if there are any thermal constraints which impact the electrical equipment/conductors/devices/etc. based on the proximity

there are a couple oilfield guys that come here often, they'll probably be able to give you better input

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Wildleg thank you for your reply.

There is a potential for explosive gasses to be present so it would be classified as a ClassI Division 2. However I am using a nema 7 enclosure for my electrical equipment and a nema 4x for other.

The flare stack is located 20+ feet off the ground, so I do not belive it would be an issue. I have no issue with the equipment being too closse to open flame.

I thought there might be something i missed in the NEC or API standards.
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