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Outdoor luminaire question...

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This isn't my forte, and I'll understand if Speedy bumps this to DIY, but I don't want to sign up for a new forum, so....

...so, I thought I identified all the problems in the basement from hell but I found another one. Two guys plumbing hooked up an outdoor sconce light outside the main entrance door. It's fed from an indoor pull-chain light in the hallway by some old lamp cord that was probably laying around. That won't fly!

The lamp cord is coming out of the back of the pull-chain light, run along the outside of the wall, then run in between the door and the jam and on into the back of the sconce.

What I propose is to mount a round all-weather box to the outside of the house and run cable inside the wall to the pull-chain's box.

From what I know I'll need to use a healthy dose of sealant around the box and on all the box's plugs. The box and metal parts of the sconce need to be connected to the EGC.

My questions are:

- What type of cable should I use? UF? Or will NM-B be ok because no part of the cable will be exposed? Or something else?

- Should the box be open back or should I wire through a certain type of strain relief?

- Should this be connected to a GFI? I imagine it should be...

At work on the trucks we use Liqui-Tight (LFNMC-B) for everything but I'm not sure that's the way to go here...

OK, thanx!
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What is the exterior? Brick, vinyl or other? If it is a wall sconce light I would cut in a box in the brick or vinyl so that the wall sconce can be mounted fluch.

Another question: Does the HO want a wall sconce or would a flood light work? A flood light I would mount on a WP box. A wall sconce I would not however.
Try to get the light flush if you can, a bell box for anything but flood lights doesn't look nearly as good as flush mount. But, if the homeowner doesn't want to pay for flush than a bell box is just fine as far as code is concerned. If you use a bell box use a 2-screw connector in the back of it for your wire, all other holes will be plugged.

I always caulk around all of my outdoor boxes, even WP covers. The guys in my old company thought I was overkill but I think it should be a part of our completed job. That, and I always put a little sealant in the threads of outdoor box knockouts also.

NM is fine, you don't need UF. The GFCI protection part will depend on if your area is enforcing the 08 code or not. If they are than just pop a GFCI breaker in.
Thanx, guys.

The house if vinyl sided.

Now that I'm planning it in my head, I can't see flush mounting the sconce with a WP box - at least the one's I'm used to using. I'm sure they must make WP's for upgrading - similar to the blue boxes with the little wings you deploy behind drywall to make it stay?

Also, the instructions for all the WP's I've ever used say to seal all plugs and seams - therefore I would imagine that by the letter of the law, to fail to do so would void the listing because it is not being used as it is designed to be used. Correct? I.E. - not 'overkill'.

Do you goop on sealant on the 2-screw also?

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Hey Gil, good luck on your first day!
Thank you much! Commercial is a bit different than residential. The new company was behind on a particular job which happens to be a large condo complex. Kinda commercial but still residential ya know. Same thing just different materials and prints.

So the last 2 days have been a good intro into the commercial side of things. The main difference IMO is that commercial is much more of a "construction" job. And driving to the job site everyday is new to me.
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