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outside wiring

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i work at a paintball site at weekends and i keep telling the owner he needs to have someone look at the wiring. it is powerd by a genartor 240v output.
it has yellow flex cable out to the fuse board no earth stake.

it has the blue plugs and sockets that have the covers missing so the water can get in and the lights are the proper ip rated lights but the clips that hold the covers on are broken so the covers are hanging off.

i know that is not very safe but i could not find anything in the codes to back me up as its powerd from a genarator.

can anyone advise me what action should be taken on my behalf i have sent a letter in writing is there the code i can send to say this is not safe for lots of people to be about.

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If your in Britain contact HSE, they will look at BS7671 for guidance on compliance of
Electricity at work regulations 1989
The Electricity Safety, Quality and Continuity Regulations 2002
Both are statutory.

If you live else where your local trading standards or health and safety body should help(Scotland/Ireland)

All you need do is quote the following ; You are concerned that the installation does not meet the requirements of the Electricity at Work Act'. Do this in writing and keep a copy. As an employee your employer has a duty to ensure that people in his employ work in a safe environment. The fact that the supply is generator fed is inconsequential. It is electricity just the same and BS7671 applies,

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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