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Over 40 starting over

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Hello everybody. I'm just starting as a Commercial Inside Wireman Apprentice and i'm really looking forward to it. I'm in California, the San Francisco Bay Area.

I did 10 years in the Navy working with aircraft weapons systems, then 13 years in the computer software industry. I decided that even though the computer software would pay better in the long run, it's time to do something that gives me more job satisfaction. I wanna wear boots, carry tools, and sweat... not eat vegan cookies and attend meetings to discuss the direction of the company software. :laughing:

I was lucky enough to get an apprenticeship through WECA and i'm looking forward to getting away from the desk and humping around conduit and being the low man on the totem pole for a few years. I'm sure i'll be reading a lot of posts and not understanding most of them at first... but looking forward to actually knowing what most of the posts are about in the future.
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Welcome. I was in the wing too, 46's AirFrames with the usmc
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