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I failed an inspection years ago for having a copper water line run across the top of the panel. I just had a rough and the inspector asked to see location for sub-panel which has a waste to the right and hot/cold water to the left. He said
don't put the panel directly underneath the pipes. If the pipes broke wouldn't this affect the panel anyway?

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I believe it's a question of "dedicated space".

Code wise you can't have any foriegn systems above the panel. See 110.26.

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I'm doing one job where the panel cover won't open due to the plumber installing a 2" drain pipe

Both (panel & plumbing) are well before my time, the facility has changed hands 4-5 times in the last generation, which means whatever state oversight has also seen it at the very least those times....

I'm paying zero attention to it

I'll post how that works out, if there's any interest

~C(w/apologies to anyone who actually respects 110.26)S~

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If you guys like that one, I'm going to have to take a picture or two of the situation at a job we just started. The 6" sprinkler main is actually supported by a live 600 to 208/120volt, 75kVa xfmr.:laughing:
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