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Planning stages for sub panel

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The house I recently purchased has a FULL GE panel rated at 200A.
The area seems to be prone to surges. While researching a whole house surge protector. Even an external protector requires a DP 30+ amp breaker. My plan is to install a sub panel next to the existing panel.
I would think that putting a 200a sub would be best. However it looks like I will need to relocate at least 3 existing DP breakers. 1 for the surge protector, and 2 for the 200a (THQMV200WL). I have never put a 200a - 200a connection in service. My hands on stops at 100a sub panels. So, I see there are 4 lugs on the GE side, but I haven't decided on the sub panel brand. I'm leaning towards Square D. Can someone point me in the direction of a schematic for that connection, OR shoud I put a 100a sub panel and move a bunch of low amperage breakers to the new sub panel, in which case, I would probably use a GE panel because I would already have the breakers. Any/all advice would be appreciated.

TIA, & Happy New Year
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