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Plug-in Neutral Panels

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I do mostly commercial/industrial electrical work, very few houses. I'm guessing that a plug-in neutral panel is aimed at resi and AFCIs. If so, can someone explain it a bit and is it worth the extra cost (if there is any)?

The last house I did was about 10 years ago and AFCIs were not required. One of my friends has recently poured the stem walls for their new house and I'm doing the electrical. I'll be using Sq. D QO.

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Our apologies for the delay in getting this photo to you. We are moderators in an online forum, not sales representatives. We are supported by a team of product and technical representatives from across the country and appreciate your patience as we work with this network to provide you with answers to your specific questions as best as we can. :)
Don't worry about it. The panel was installed last week.
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