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Polaris Blues

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Anyone used the Polaris Blues for an underground splice on Al wire, specifically XLPE/USE-2?

Or is there a better splice kit available? I'd rather not have to use a heat shrink product, but if they are better I guess I would.
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Ilsco USPA-350SS-DB They are readily available, I've been using them for years,never had a failure. Pick up a 1/4" drive to fit a 1/4" drive socket with an allen shank(5/16") in it for smooth install. The price is right compared to other mfg. I keep at least (9) on the truck. Nik Sek reviewed a NWS cable cutters that appear to be just the ticket for working down a hole,in the water and not having enough room to use Greenlee cutter. I got the NWS (one-handed)cutter,but haven't used them on the job,just on the bench. The Germans are engineering better tools for the same market as Klein,Greenlee,etc.. Nik Sek tool reviews are on the pretty good!
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