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Polaris taps for splicing feeders

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Hey everyone, first post here. I am a general contractor and am having some electrical work done on my personal property in rural Vermont. I was hoping to get any input on the electrical design as proposed (and initiated) by my electrician. My experience has been more in the suburbs, with single buildings closer to the street. I don't like to question anyone's work without doing my homework first, so here I am. Thanks to anyone who has the time to look at this!

Here is the general layout of the property and its electrical needs:

At the front of the driveway, POCO dropped service from a telephone poll to the meter/main where the electrician installed a 200 amp breaker. From here, he ran 3" sch80 conduit 600' to it's furthest destination, with 2 large pull boxes along the way near the sites of future outbuildings. From the 200 amp main, he has 4 wires going the full length: 250kcmil Al hots and neutral, and 2awg Al ground.

At the end of the 600' is a small log cabin which functions as a workshop and has a 100 amp board already installed and live.

I am currently building a garage with a small apartment above. This will be located about 200 feet away from the meter/main, near one of the pull boxes. Conduit has been run from this box to the garage, as well as to a third site (adjacent to the garage) where a home may eventually be built.

The plan is to splice the 250 feeders and ground with polaris taps in this junction box over to the garage and directly into the 200 amp sub panel. Note that much of my equipment (stove/oven, dryer, etc) will be gas powered.

I know this may not have been everyone's option A with the given parameters, but keep in mind the conduit and wire has already been laid and pulled (at least the 600' to the cabin). Given that, is simply splicing over to the garage (and eventually to the house) with polaris taps a viable method in your opinion? I've read up on polaris and have no qualms over using them. I'm really just looking for input on the safety and efficacy of the system or any oversights.

Thanks to anyone who has the time to help!
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Sorry, this site is for electricians only. If you’re a GC, I assume your electrician is someone you have a history with and trust. If not, you need a new electrician.

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