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Power going out but not tripping breaker

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Hello all,

Just a lowly homeowner here that needs advice.

Bought a 1940's built home a few months ago, house was rewired 15-20 years ago. I cannot afford to update it anytime soon.

There are two breakers for the upstairs, one for a bathroom and bedroom and one for two bedrooms. The past few days the power keeps going out in the two bedrooms at random. The thing is when I go down to the box the breaker is still on, I go ahead and turn it off and then back on again and the power comes back on, sometimes only for minutes, sometimes for hours but eventually goes off again.

The only thing plugged in and running during these times are a computer/monitor/printer and a small fan (that isn't necessarily running at the time the power goes out). I have the computer etc plugged into a surge protector (but for whatever reason the surge protector doesn't do it's job) and the fan into the same outlet. I had no problem for the first three months I've been here, the whole while having the same things plugged in.

Any ideas? I'd rather not call an electrician at this time if it's an easy fix because money is very tight to say the least, this is my first home and I've already spent $5,000 fixing the roof and plumbing and I'm tapped out.

Thanks for any help.
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