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I have a family friend...mentor if you will...that said he went to the State Science college for electrician program and IBEW would rather have a green-thumb that hasn't had any electric experience so that they can train their way. He said he got called a 'smart alec college boy' until he proved he actually learned something. I hear what you're saying, but I can't afford any courses right now. I'll do independent study and work hard in their schooling. Thanks for the luck! I'm sure I'll need it :thumbsup:
I believe the term is "greenhorn", "green thumbs" are usually cultivators of some sort of herbal products.
As far as the IBEW looking for "non-experienced" grunts, that's total poppycock, we want people who know the difference between a wirenut, and a wire nut bag. An IBEW apprenticeship is no cost to you, and you get paid while you learn (gotta work for it though)
And, apprentices get work before the journeymen do, without having to show up for "job calls". As far as I know ABC doesn't have a "dispatch", and work isn't always available, unless you already have a job.
(Disclaimer: I have no idea what I'm talking about, but it sure sounded good though, huh?) Just kidding...(or am I?) :whistling2:
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