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Providing expansion fitting for RMC at meter.

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I went on an estimate today and found this:

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Turns out I can keep the existing feeders for the upgrade. I want to install schedule 80 PVC with an expansion fitting so this doesn't happen again. Can I cut the rmc just above grade, slip an rmc compression fitting on there, and thread a PVC female threaded adapter? From there glue in a cut of PVC to an expansion fitting? Any issues doing this? This would effectively separate any bond the conduit has between the transformer pad and the meter. Would I then need to bond to the can between the rmc and the new meter?

Or if there's a better way to do this which I did not mention, please share.

It's not every day I find services fed underground in RMC.
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They do make such a thing as a rigid expansion coupling. I bought one once for 3/4 or 1 inch. Stupid expensive though.
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I had to order it and it took a while to come in. Probably way to expensive for a residential application though.
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