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Providing expansion fitting for RMC at meter.

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I went on an estimate today and found this:

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Turns out I can keep the existing feeders for the upgrade. I want to install schedule 80 PVC with an expansion fitting so this doesn't happen again. Can I cut the rmc just above grade, slip an rmc compression fitting on there, and thread a PVC female threaded adapter? From there glue in a cut of PVC to an expansion fitting? Any issues doing this? This would effectively separate any bond the conduit has between the transformer pad and the meter. Would I then need to bond to the can between the rmc and the new meter?

Or if there's a better way to do this which I did not mention, please share.

It's not every day I find services fed underground in RMC.
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use a small PVC Jbox
This is before the meter though, and I don't think my poco will allow it.

They do make such a thing as a rigid expansion coupling. I bought one once for 3/4 or 1 inch. Stupid expensive though.
Local supplier doesn't carry it but I'd be interested in trying it out if that's my only option.

I would leave the rigid. It looks like they screwed it up when they sided the house.
Possibly. The meter can was nailed to the block on the house, and backed out completely.
I'm OK with expense if it means the installation will last a lifetime. So we'll see how this one plays out, if I win the bid I'll post back with what I end up with.
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Thanks guys.

I've been back and forth with the customer and haven't been officially contracted yet, but it sounds like I might be in the lead. Will post back if I get the job.
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