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I’m not Canadian!

I had to look up the product of Corline! I’ve unknowing used this product only in respects inside work, that was internal and external to interior machines but would never use this product outside! Having said this, I don’t know all the listing (IE CA Code requirements) of this product and the matching connecters). Besides, the fitting as shown in the link (in my opinion) just won’t cut it for concrete or underground submersion. Now maybe I’m just totally wrong about all this, EH! J

I would continue with the PVC out from the wall to another PVC fiberglass rated box(s) as shown in this link. I would get as low as possible quickly and get in the bottom of rock foundation below the concrete or whatever depth is required by the conduits location.

You have to do the math as to the amount of total boxes you will need. I’d leave all the PVC conduits stubbed up above finish grade, and express to the owner, GC, and the concrete guy that you will align to finish grade and need to secure and set them with a few days notice ahead of time. If it to be planted you can start when someone levels out to grade and before planting!

Hope that helps!

Be sure to read the data sheets for NEMA rating an CSA approvals on fibrglass boxes...
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