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Question about One way Headset Communication!!!!! PLEASE HELP!!!

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:thumbsup: I manage a football (soccer) team in the UK. We are currentley not doing as well as we could be and I think that we may be lacking manager communication on the pitch.

I have always wanted a device such as a headset that I can wear on the side of the pitch and a small earpiece that a player of my choice can hear me through when I speak (aka: I am their eyes from the sideline).

I have looked everywhere I think and asked as many companys as I know but no seem to be sure.
Does anyone know of any product/s or maybe a way I could do this with two products???

If so please please please let me know!!!

Thanks anyone in advance.

Oldham Youth AFC :thumbsup:​
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This done in the NFL and college (the real football). The quarterback has a receiver in his helmet and can hear from the sideline or the coaches box.

Maybe try to Google "NFL + Helmets + Communication".
Oh...You don't where helmets. Use helmets in the search anyway.

Just messin with ya on the football comment..........John

Try Selex Communications Ltd. Phone number 01245 - 353221

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