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[question] Learning to "talk the talk", and general career advice

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I've been browsing product catalogs and taking trips to lowes to try to get down the electrician "lingo". Are there any other resources I can refer to for learning what to call all of the little couplings, fittings, and equipment I use at work?

Also, I'm a first year apprentice at a small non-union shop. I'm pretty sure I could make more money working union. Are there generally more opportunities to grow and advance in a small non-union shop as opposed to a big company hiring union employees?
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Sure there is. For example Bill and his buddy started Microsoft. I don't think they are Union.

You company like theirs could grow to a monstrous size, you becoming the CEO, making big bucks, in charge of laying off 18,000 of your workers.

Union doesn't necessarily say your company is going to be successful.
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