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Let me throw this disclaimer out there, this post is not meant to be taken as a sales pitch or anything like that.

I'm in the infant / research stages of starting an online marketing agency for the electrical industry. Not for all types contractors or sh*t wranglers, literally just electrical.

So my questions to you guys that are electrical contractors or own a small business, what are you looking for in a company to market your business online? What are your concerns or turn offs, etc? What's more important to you, lowest price or return on investment? Would you rather pay monthly for a company that continually improves / optimizes your site or a one time flat fee for a company that just hands over a website and leaves it to you to handle?

And for those who are curious, a little bit of my personal background. My father was an electrician, worked with him from the time I was 10. Graduated from HS and went to school for business and marketing. Worked for some internet marketing companies, then found myself as an apprentice for a residential contractor for the past year or so. The past two months we've been really, really slow and I've decided it's time I try my own thing. So any feedback is really appreciated.

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I don't know how any of you guys can compete any more. SquareSpace.com.

Never runs out of bandwidth. Dirt cheap. No coding required. Great looking sites. Use the offer code macmikeman for a 0% discount.
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