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Quick Help...Need 220v to Run Welder

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I have a friend who is coming over to help me do some welding on my car. His welder has a "standard" 3-prong plug that fits into a household 110v outlet, but it requires 220/240.

We cant use it in my house because the ONLY 220v outlet I have is the one that my dryer uses...right next to the garage. This outlet is a 4-prong (2 flat, one to round and one bottom '"L" shape)

Is there an adapter that allows me to use this outlet for a "standard" plug? If so where and how do I get one.??

Also, if not, any suggestions on how to use his 220v welder at my house?

Thanks....we are doing the job this Friday and need help quick!!
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I suggest you hire a licensed and insured electrical contractor to install a receptacle for you
Any competent on site welder will have a bag of tricks to solve the issue.
But be sure that your insurance is paid up before you start.

As Dowmace suggested you should call a licensed electrician.
This thread will be locked so before it does, you might want to consider what domace said because you can really "f" up an expensive piece of equipment when you don't know what your doing.
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