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Quick help on time and pricing.

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Someone just called and a job I bid a while ago was resurrected but they need a price ASAP, tonight. Apparently they waited until the feeders shorted or something. I know my material cost but the time frame or labor is what I want to check on.
Six runs of 2 1/2 EMT run across 5 stores thru sheetrock ceilings and drop ceilings. Bar joist are about 15 feet above the floor. Ladders and no man lifts. The runs are between 275 feet and 375 feet for a total of 2000 feet. It has been a long time since I did something like this so I am a bit nervous. 3/0 copper will be used. I have to replace the existing because the existing is over 50 years old and has sewer water coming out the fittings in the basement. This is why we are going thru the ceiling. I ball parked 320 man-hours does this sound right to anybody?
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I'm confused. If you bid it before it should just be a dollar adjustment on the hours you had on the previous bid. 320 sounds reasonable. Night and weekend job ? I wouldn't want customers getting in the way, liability issues and slowing the job down
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