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Removing old wiring n basement?

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When roughing a basement and removing all the splice boxes and wiring in the ceiling, how do you guys price that? Time and material?
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So the ceiling is open now but they will be finishing it? And there are a bunch of boxes in the joists that need to be relocated?

I've been in that situation plenty of times. I've always just taken a good 10 minutes during the estimate to look it over and see what needs to be moved and estimate the time for each move.

I try to avoid T&M at all costs because no homeowner is happy to see what I am charging them per hour. They certainly don't like to know that I am also charging them that rate for the commute to and from the job, the time at the supply house, and the time at home/office doing the paperwork and other administration stuff.
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as much as possible.

example 1: "what do you mean it's 2000 bucks to remove the old wire ? I could do that part myself"
ans: if you will sign a disclaimer in case you get electrocuted, I'll be happy to let you remove
and do the demo so i don't have to charge you. I can't see behind the walls but I have
to make a reasonable guess based on my experience.
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